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Bird Studio Shueisha Daizenshuu is not completely correct

Throughout the 7 Daizenshuus there is one that stocks up the controversy although many disagree, its a valid statement.Even though the Daizenshuus have no officially came out in North America, many Dragonball fans already know the events taking place in the Daizenshuu due to French fan translated proportions. Its historical content( information on Characters, and events) is 100% correct, because it has no mathematical merit. So it is a trust worthy source to validate historical arguments, since this is verified by the Creator Toriyama-sensei himself. The errors are from the concept started in the Manga called, Power Levels. Which were first spotted in the Manga in Volume 17, when Raditz[ラディッツ] arrives to earth to look for his brother, Son Goku[孫 悟空].
Saiya-jin Saga:

The amount of inconsistencies may vary for there could be even more that people could spot. But these are clear and vital to the Manga's status in general. This Daizenshuu 7 pictures these parts and bring debates into clash.

Since there is no English Daizenshuu officially out by Viz Media, I will use the Japanese Daizenshuu 7 to confirm, and the French Daizenshuu to clear it up, since it derives with more clear concepts of English. In the Daizenshuu...
1. Here you can clearly see Raditz shown at 1,500.
2. You can see the Saibamen at 1,200
3. Son Goku is clearly shown at 8,000

The Manga:
I will show, the English Viz Translated scans so that people will understand it with ease.
There is no stated level for Raditz, but the statement directed toward the Saibamen determined his power level.
Nappa states, "Its impossible...! The Cultivars' power level is over 1,200!"; equal to Raditz, every single one of them...! Right here it is easily shown that Raditz and the Saibamen are equal and that they are over 1,200.

1. Raditz is stated over 1,200
2. Saibamen are stated over 1,200 not 1,200, and are stated equal to Raditz
3. Son Goku is stated over 8,000, not 8,000

These are already 3 errors in the Manga that were easy to spot even by an amateur fan.

Freeza Saga:

The battle of Freeza and Son Goku is at hand and here is when one of the most dramatic errors comes to play.
Son Goku is stated to be 3,000,000, and Freeza as well. Freeza raising his strength to 50% of his whole, is at 60,000,000. Son Goku when raising up to Kaioken X20, makes it to 60,000,000 as well. They are perfectly even.

1. Son Goku is at 60,000,000 and when he decides to go for a Kamehameha wave he should go over 60,000,000 since he showed that, against Vegeta in the Daizenshuu as well.

Freeza Saga:

In the Manga: It clearly shows Son Goku afflicting a Kamehameha wave at Freeza, and Freeza clearly blocks it with a single hand. It is irrelevant because Son Goku is over than Freeza rather than being below that makes this Daizenshuu irrelevant to power levels.

Conclusion: This Daizenshuu is not correct when it comes to Power Levels because there are 4 and probably more errors when it comes to the cause. The Daizenshuu has many concepts and one of them is Power Levels, when it gets 4 things of the concept wrong, the concept is no longer 100% like it was before publishing it, it is exposed and not worthy for contribution.


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