Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kuririn's power level against Ginyu Taicho

This was requested by many people on the infamous site, youtube. Which I recieved a total amount of 58 requests from many youtubers. And I personally have gotten this argument in many debates in Japan. So the question is, was Kuririn's power level against Ginyu Taicho over 23,000? The answer is quite simple, but you will need the Original scripture to see the undeniable truth. Look at the entire battle:

Ginyu which was stated to be 23,000 when in Son Goku's body, and he was also commended to be barely handling Goku's body. Look clearly as Kuririn attacks Ginyu in Goku's body from behind. Jisu clearly stated Son Gohan and Kuririn both to be "over 10,000..." meaning Kuririn wouldn't have been over 20,000. Because it would have been stated, over 20,000. Also in the Manga, Bejita sensed a "great power..." coming toward his way, he though it was Zarbon at first, but then he corrected himself and said the power was inferior to Zarbon's. From what we know, Zarbon was 23,000 as well. If you look with care, Kuririn was afraid of Zarbon, and why would Kuririn be afraid of someone stronger than him? Now you might say, "But if Kuririn was below 20,000 he would be completely beaten up by Ginyu in Goku, because he was 23,000. And if you look at the battle between Bejita and Dodoria, Bejita was 24,000; and Dodoria was 20,000. Only a mere 4,000 superiority, and Bejita completely demolished him". The thing is, Bejita when he got Zenkai he was at the 500,000 range considering he fared a match against Freeza who was at 530,000. And was Jisu 500,000? Of course not; and did Bejita completely demolish him in the instant? Krillin was below 20,000 when against Ginyu. Son Gohan did indeed make it over 20,000; because he is a saiyajin and his anatomy is that of a faster and more complex rate. Kuririn is just a human.

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